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David Lubicz

Follow up meeting of the CHIC project

The first followup meeting of the CHIC project will take place at the IHP the 6th of December.

List of people attending the meeting:
Members of the project:

Christophe Ritzenthaler
David Kohel
David Lubicz
Emmanuel Thomé
Jérémie Detrey
Pierrick Gaudry
Reynald Lercier
Sylvain Duquesne

PhD students: Christophe Arene
Damien Robert
Gaetan Bisson
Hamish Ivey-Law
Jean-Gabriel Kammerer
Nicolas Guillermin
Romain Cosset
Virgile Ducet
Yih-Dar Shieh
Oumar Diao
Clément Dunand

Invited people: Ben Smith
David Gruenewald